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Re: [elfscript] When writing in elvish...

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    teithant judith gross ... teithant is sindarin for wrote and some use it here for quoting replied mesasges:) ... what do you mean elvish font in sindarin ?
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 19, 2002
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      teithant judith gross

      > Teithant??? I don't get what you mean by that?

      teithant is sindarin for "wrote" and some use it here
      for quoting replied mesasges:)

      > Well what I meant was, would you type sindarin or
      > english in a elvish font... wouldn't you type "taure
      > huineva" ??? So I'm saying that if you downloaded a
      > elvish font in sindarin would you write sindarin or
      > english with that font...? I'm sorry if I'm
      > confusing you!

      what do you mean "elvish font in sindarin"? sindarin
      is a language that can (among others) be written with
      the elvish fonts (tengwar).. you can write Quenya,
      Sindarin, Black Speech, Adunaic and English with
      tengwar (and of course other languages since more
      modes have been invented)

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