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Re: [elfscript] Re: Fauskanger vs. Hostetter

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    ... No, you just started it _again_, pointlessly, in an off-topic forum, and not even continuing the actual subject of debate before. Good show. ... Please.
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 15, 2002
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      On 7/15/02 9:15 AM, "taoist1967" <taoist1967@...> wrote:

      > Well, I didn't start it.
      No, you just started it _again_, pointlessly, in an off-topic forum, and not
      even continuing the actual subject of debate before. Good show.

      >> You, sir, have been duped
      > By whom?

      >> My colleagues and I _have_ been publishing, for many years, in the pages of
      >> _VT_ and _Parma Eldalamberon_.
      > But obviously at an astonishing speed.
      First, how would you know, since you don't take _VT_ or _Parma_? Second, how
      can _anyone_ know what is or is not an "astoninshing" speed for publishing
      this material? By what metric do you measure? Have _you_ ever published one
      of Tolkien's linguistic manuscripts (which, as Christopher Tolkien has put
      it, are "instrinsically more difficult" even than what he did in _HoMe_)?
      And third, we are clearly publishing at a faster rate than Helge can keep up
      with, to judge by the out-of-datedness of his Web pages, and by his own
      admission that he hasn't been able to keep up with _VT_. Since your
      understanding of Tolkienian linguistics is obviously filtered through Helge,
      perhaps you should pester _him_ to keep you up-to-date, if you can't be
      bothered to follow the literature yourself.

      >> I have made the effort and shown the trust and ability that put me in the
      >> position of being able to work with and publish Tolkien's linguistic
      >> manuscript legacy.
      > So now you have a responsibility to do it.
      I have a responsibility to _myself_, and to _no one else_. I do not _have_
      to publish anything. I _choose_ to do so, because I love Tolkien's languages
      and want to share my interest in the subject, despite the insane arrogance
      of my critics (_not_, mind you, critics of my _work_, but of _me_).
      Nonetheless, I am _not bound_ to publish even one more word on the subject
      (and have many times wondered the past years why I bother). The nature and
      limit of my _personal_ responsibility is to do the best job I can, and to do
      it in a manner required by the material itself. I have in no way failed in
      that responsibility. Indeed, the only way I _could_ fail in it is to give in
      to the petty jealousies and flagrant arrogance of various critics and do
      what _they_ want, instead of continuing to do what is right.

      > Could it be that there is some essential difference between my approach to the
      > material and the Estate and the archives, and Helge's approach, that makes
      > mine successful and Helge's not? Hm. Hm.
      > Is there? What could it be?
      Think about it. It will come to you.

      > Regarding linguistical proficiency _and_ philological technique, Helge seems
      > quite capable (and yes, I'm in a position to judge that), he has written
      > book-length accounts of Quenya and Sindarin,
      Were those qualities sufficient, things might be different. They are not.
      And in the other requisite qualities, Helge is _spectacularly_ deficient.

      > he makes intelligent conclusions from sparse material.
      That is a matter of debate.

      > I guess it's because we started a little later that we don't have access to
      > the material.
      What are you talking about? You have just as much "access" to _VT_ as anyone
      has, or has ever had. Ever issue is perpetually in print, for $2 to $3
      (depending on where it is to be mailed to).

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