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  • DDanielA@webtv.net
    ... No. ear in tear is a true diphthong in those varieties of English whereas the e and a in idea are separate syllables. There are dialectal pockets
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2002
      Teithant Alf Gandson:
      >* I've always thought 'idea' would rhyme with 'tear' in
      >varieties of English that don't pronounce _r_ after vowels,
      >i.e. a diphtong with a glide from /i/ into schwa.

      No. 'ear' in 'tear' is a true diphthong in those varieties of English
      whereas the 'e' and 'a' in 'idea' are separate syllables. There are
      dialectal pockets in the deep South in the USA (e.g. Georgia and
      Alabama) where many do pronounce 'tear' to rhyme with 'idea', but that's
      not standard.

      > >The Title Page Inscription contains two diphthongs:
      > >'eu' and 'ee'.
      >* (I think you're rather talking about digraphs than

      Yes, you're right. I misspoke! On one of the designs for a dust jacket,
      JRRT represented 'ow' in 'shadows' as vala + 'o' curl ... perhaps we
      could adopt that use for au/aw, eu/ew, and ou/ow. And from the spelling
      of Sindarin in KL III, maybe a tehta over anna for ai/ay, ei/ey, oi/oy
      and ui. All hypothetical, of course.

      > >The difference between 'bin' [bin] and 'bean' [bi:n],
      > > or between 'full' [ful] and [fu:l]. Just because spelling
      > >doesn't always reflect the distinction doesn't mean
      > > it doesn't exist.
      >* I don't count that as a distinction in length (even
      > though there might be one), but after all as a distinction
      >in vowel quality: there are two kinds of _i_ as well
      >as two kinds of _u_.

      They are still long vowels. In many languages, including Quenya, vowel
      quality changes as well as quantity in the case of some vowels.
      Rather "The Title Page Inscription Mode as
      interpreted by D. Daniel Andriƫs, supplemented by inferences from
      other published English tengwar documents of J.R.R. Tolkien". Nah ...
      too long ;)
      * "Danny's very serious and sophisticated Title Page Inscription mode
      interpretation"? ;-))
      btw, what's bad about using anna for consonantal y?
      I've always used it according to vala for w.
      >Do these samples really make a difference between
      >short and long carrier?

      Yes, the difference is quite clear.

      Cuio mae, Danny.
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