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Re: [elfling] Re: And yet another translation request....

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  • Alf Gandson
    DDanielA@webtv.net teithant: [snip] ... Title Page Inscription Mode (TPIM), which uses tehtar to represent vowels, and the King s Letter English/Westron Mode
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2002
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      DDanielA@... teithant:


      > The two modes I will use are the<BR>
      Title Page Inscription Mode (TPIM), which uses tehtar
      to represent vowels, and the King's Letter
      English/Westron Mode (KLEM), which is a full writing
      mode. The TPIM transliteration I'll provide can be
      debated as it's phonemic and people will spell
      according to how they interpret the pronunciation.

      ** I admire that you help people with tengwar spelling
      who don't know about it (and who maybe can't even
      imagine the problems). But make clear your own
      interpretations. There's no possibility to have a
      phonemic TPIM, 1) because the very few words written
      in this mode don't allow us to use this mode for other
      words, 2) because a mode which uses a single sign for
      many different sounds (e.g. the acute accent in
      _herein_, _set_, _return_, even doubled in _seen_ -
      and I'm not even mentioning the names' spelling) is
      not to be called phonemic. Actually, every acute
      accent in the TPI corresponds to an _e_ in the
      standard latin mode for English (i.e. in traditional
      spelling). It's just, as Tolkien says in the
      appendices, "an example of what a man of Gondor might
      have produced, hesitating between the values of the
      letters familiar in his 'mode' and the traditional
      spelling of English." Call your suggestions _my
      phonemic mode_ or anything, but don't call it Title
      Page Inscription Mode - that would mislead the people
      you try to help.


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