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957úr (e) and yanta (was: Re: úr >> úre )

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  • laurifindil
    Jun 7, 2002
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      --- In elfscript@y..., "Arden R. Smith" <erilaz@e...> wrote:


      > >Then it is awkward that Tolkien chose that name, beginning with a
      > >long-u, instead of a short one _u_, since œr was the _tengwa_ for the
      > >sound /u/, not /u:/. Or am I wrong?
      > Add an andatehta, and it's also the tengwa for /u:/!

      The "andatehta" (a big accent to show long vowel) was actually used in
      Quenya as well?
      So far, not a single published text in Quenya in tengwar uses it, if
      I'm not mistaken.
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