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948Re: [elfscript] Proper references

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Jun 6 6:59 AM
      teithant "Carl F. Hostetter"

      > of the values assigned to letters. It was Arden's
      > analysis that resulted in
      > the table of values that you re-presented in
      > _Angerthas_, and that Gildor
      > has now himself re-presented. Arden deserves credit
      > for _his_ analysis, not
      > for Tolkien's text.

      * not that it matters at all, but I didn't represent
      analysis from Angerthas but from Amanye Tenceli by
      Mans Bjorkman who shared with me his valuable
      oppinions and clarifications (and I should also
      mention Helge, Daniel and Ryszard as well)

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