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947Re: [elfscript] Proper references

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  • Carl F. Hostetter
    Jun 6 3:09 AM
      On 6/6/02 5:34 AM, "Helge K. Fauskanger" <helge.fauskanger@...>

      > It is ANGERTHAS -- not Athelas.

      Thanks for the correction. I was away from my library at the time, and

      > In the article in question, I referred to Vinyar Tengwar. Anyone who is
      > really interested knows very well what group publishes VT.
      > For that matter, I don't constantly "credit" CJRT every time I cite some
      > work of his father's that appeared in HoME, either. Ultimately, the glory
      > belongs to the author rather than the editor, right?

      Both these comments are, as usual, utterly beside the point. Arden did far
      more than simply present Tolkien's own writings. He thoroughly analyzed a
      long text written in RĂºmilian, a text that had no notes nor any indication
      of the values assigned to letters. It was Arden's analysis that resulted in
      the table of values that you re-presented in _Angerthas_, and that Gildor
      has now himself re-presented. Arden deserves credit for _his_ analysis, not
      for Tolkien's text.

      > I guess many people have derived much of their knowledge of Quenya from MY
      > writings on the subject, but I don't expect or desire to be constantly
      > "credited" for whatever insights I may have shared. I didn't invent this
      > stuff. It is not me you should thank.

      Once again, your comment is utterly beside the point. The fact that you are
      willing to forego any credit or mention from those who would republish your
      analyses in no way removes the requirement for authors to properly credit
      those whose work they are using.

      Well, at least one comment out of four was useful. That may be a record!

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