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946Proper references

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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    Jun 6, 2002
      Carl F. Hostetter wrote:

      > I thought that might be the case. In fact, it appears to me that your
      work is based on an article by Helge Fauskanger in _Athelas_. An article in
      which Arden Smith's name is mentioned not once. Imagine that.

      And imagine that CFH, who is so concerned about giving proper references,
      didn't bother to check the name of the journal he refers to. It is
      ANGERTHAS -- not Athelas.

      In the article in question, I referred to Vinyar Tengwar. Anyone who is
      really interested knows very well what group publishes VT.

      For that matter, I don't constantly "credit" CJRT every time I cite some
      work of his father's that appeared in HoME, either. Ultimately, the glory
      belongs to the author rather than the editor, right?

      I guess many people have derived much of their knowledge of Quenya from MY
      writings on the subject, but I don't expect or desire to be constantly
      "credited" for whatever insights I may have shared. I didn't invent this
      stuff. It is not me you should thank.

      - HF
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