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943Re: [elfscript] Re: the use of tengwa 'anna'

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  • Gildor Inglorion
    Jun 5, 2002
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      teithant laurifindil

      > > * if i remember well, anna was used as a carrier
      > with
      > > words beginning with a vowel, thus anna too..
      > ? You don't. ? :(

      I think I do.. at least thats what i say in my quenta

      > I know these sites... and if they are of some use
      > for the newbies,
      > the questions I'm asking are not. I have been stying
      > these problems
      > for about twenty years now.
      > Please try to be stay a little "calm"...

      * .. and i think i manage to be calm :)
      I think my definition on the name "anna" under
      "tengwar of Feanor" discusses this riddle.. i explain
      that anna was used as a carrier at least initially
      before the usual carrier takes its place (both were
      used for "3", the latter in the Rumilian system).. i
      wonder what more questions you have

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