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935the use of tengwa 'anna'

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  • laurifindil
    Jun 4, 2002
      Dear Arden Smith,

      I have another question which has bothered me since I first read the
      "Lord of the Rings", some twenty years ago.

      The tengwa <anna>, if I understand its use correctly, was not in
      Quenya used for the sound _nn_ but according to its _meaning_: "as a
      gift": it was a 'special carrier' for a lost "consonant", mainly _gh_,
      and later [in the fictional time of Me] as a "carrier" for two
      dots/_y_, as seen in "Nam‡ri" in RGEO.

      But I cannot figure out how the word _anna_ -- as the name of that
      tengwar -- could be written according to the "original" Quenya mode
      (original inside the fictional time) with an <anna>.

      Did Tolkien write in tengwar the Word _anna_ as <anna> + <"double"
      nœmen>? Or in any other way, e.g. not using <anna> at all?

      I hope Tolkien wrote once that Word in tengwar after 1930 in

      Thank you.
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