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929Re: [elfscript] Help!! please give me feedback on this!

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  • Kassandra Velez
    Dec 31, 1969
      Harri Per�l� wrote:
      >DDanielA@... wrote:
      >> In a phonemic mode (such as the one
      >> used for the Title Page Inscription),
      >Hmm... I find it hard to think of it as a phonemic mode. At least the
      >vowels seem to be mostly orthographic.
      >The only obviously phonemic spellings of vowels I can find are seen in
      >"War" (wor) and "history" (histori, I think, though the final tehta is
      >not quite clear in my book). Clearly orthographic vowels appear in "by",
      >"Tolkien", "herein", "return", "seen" and probably a few other words as
      >Would something like "semi-phonetic" or "semi-phonemic" be a better
      >label for the mode of the title page inscription?

      Personally, when discussing Roman transliterations of Greek (which carry many of the same problems as Tengwar transliterations of English), I refer to such modes as "aesthetic", as in practice, the transliteration of a given word is often chosen on the fly using the "nah, that doesn't look right, I'll write it this way" method. Or yes, you could use the admittedly clearer "semiphonetic".
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