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91Re: The Book of Mazarbul (Re: [elfscript] The runes of The Hobbit.)

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  • erilaz@earthlink.net
    Nov 6, 2000
      Emanuele Vincentini wrote:

      > Here comes a little problem: according to Appendix E of LoR the
      >Erebor mode has some unique features and some changes, but not everything
      >is shown in the cirth table. When I first read LoR many years ago I
      >thought having understood those sentences about Erebor mode quite well,
      >but those pages of the Book throw in some confusion: some cirth have
      >"unexpected" values (please, note that I'm not referring here to the
      >"extra" cirth or the under-bar).

      Very true. The Mazarbul pages do agree with the list of special
      characteristics of the Mode of Erebor in the final paragraph of Appendix E:
      #14=j, #17=x, #29=g, #43=z. (Mazarbul uses #19 for "soft g" and #21 for
      gh, but this isn't prohibited by the statement in Appendix E.) However,
      the Ereborian mode exemplified on those pages does deviate from the
      Angerthas Moria in other respects, such as in the use of #35 for s and #54
      for h. So if the Mazarbul pages give an accurate picture of the Mode of
      Erebor, the description of the mode in Appendix E omits some details.

      Arden R. Smith erilaz@...

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