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888Re: [elfscript] nasal vowels

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  • Kassandra Velez
    Dec 31, 1969
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      Alf Gandson wrote:
      >Are there other people who write French with a tehtar
      >mode which does not follow traditional spelling? Or
      >Polish, or Portuguese, or other languages with nasal
      >vowels? My question is: What solutions have you found
      >to express these nasal vowels?

      In my Portuguese mode, I just used the over-tilde (would be over-bar with high-stemmed tengwar, but I didn't use any of those for vowels) over the vowel tengwa. But then, that was a full mode (too many vowels to use tehtar well). In a tehta mode, I suppose one could, aside from modifying the tehtar, put an otherwise unused tengwa from the nasal series after the nasal vowel (a� or a�w for �, for example). (IIRC, Polish is a special case, only having two nasal vowels; these can easily be written with completely separate tehtar.)
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