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84Re: [elfscript] Quick Question

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  • Mans Bjorkman
    Oct 29, 2000
      Arden Smith wrote:

      > Stephen Ross wrote:
      > >Are there
      > >spaces between words?
      > There can be, but they're not required. There aren't any on the _LotR_
      > title page or in the Ring-inscription, but there are on the Moria Gate and
      > in the texts in _The Road Goes Ever On_.

      I actually think there are spaces in the title page inscription. True,
      many words seem to have no spaces between them, but in other places
      there can be no doubt there are spaces, e.g. around the word "ring". The
      ring inscription does without spaces, though. Perhaps lack of spaces is
      one of the qualities that made the mode of this inscription "ancient".

      > >And what about other punctuation? Dan's excellent
      > >font includes a lot of characters that are labelled various things, question
      > >mark, exclamation point, etc, but are those "authentic" or surmised?
      > They're legit. See especially the tengwar texts in _The Road Goes Ever On_
      > and _Sauron Defeated_ for examples.

      The "roman" punctuation found in Dan Smith's fonts was used by Tolkien
      only for inscriptions in English, and primarily in early ones, probably
      before he had figured out what punctuation the Elves actually used.


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