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81Re: [elfscript] Quick Question

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  • Mans Bjorkman
    Oct 25 11:12 AM
      Arden Smith wrote:
      > Måns Björkman wrote:
      > >I always pictured the distinction as between a bilabial nasal
      > >/m/ and a bilabial fricative /mh/, which then turned into a labio-dental
      > >fricative /v/.
      > Certainly the shift from bilabial to labiodental is part of it, but a
      > voiced bilabial fricative need not be nasalized, as the medial consonant of
      > Spanish _saber_ 'to know' demonstrates.

      So the significant trait of the lenition is actually the adding of
      friction, later followed by loss of the nasal quality? Well, you learn
      something new every day!

      I hope Stephen Ross feels his "quick question" is anwered by now. :)


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