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80Re: [elfscript] Quick Question

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  • erilaz@earthlink.net
    Oct 23, 2000
      Måns Björkman wrote:

      >I always pictured the distinction as between a bilabial nasal
      >/m/ and a bilabial fricative /mh/, which then turned into a labio-dental
      >fricative /v/.

      Certainly the shift from bilabial to labiodental is part of it, but a
      voiced bilabial fricative need not be nasalized, as the medial consonant of
      Spanish _saber_ 'to know' demonstrates.

      Arden R. Smith erilaz@...

      "Do you know Languages? What's the French for fiddle-de-dee?"
      "Fiddle-de-dee's not English," Alice replied gravely.
      "Who ever said it was?" said the Red Queen.

      --Lewis Carroll,
      _Through the Looking-glass_
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