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78Re: [elfscript] Quick Question

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  • Lisa Star
    Oct 22, 2000
      >From: "Stephen Ross" <Monkeyboy007@...>
      >Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 18:49:41 -0000
      >I just recently started writing in tengwar, and I'm totally
      >fascinated by it. But I haven't been able to find a whole lot of
      >information on some of its finer points. I downloaded Dan Smith's
      >fonts, which are amazing btw, and the help file he wrote to go with

      **I haven 't read Dan Smith's explanation in a long time, but I think that
      you have misinterpreted part of what he wrote.

      **The way that the tengwar indicate the aspirate is by extended the telco or
      stem both up and down. Examples appear in the ring inscription in the first
      volume. This sound is found in the Black Speech, but doesn't occur in
      English, Quenya or Sindarin. The extension of the stem is not really curly
      except in so far as the letters are formed gracefully. It is also quite
      close to vertical.

      **One of the small, more or less horizontal curls which indicate following s
      appear in the word hobbits, the last word in the inscription on the title
      page (as you saw).

      ** Lisa Star
      ** LisaStar@...

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