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76Re: [elfscript] Quick Question

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  • Mans Bjorkman
    Oct 22 8:12 AM
      Stephen Ross wrote:
      > I just recently started writing in tengwar, and I'm totally
      > fascinated by it. But I haven't been able to find a whole lot of
      > information on some of its finer points. I downloaded Dan Smith's
      > fonts, which are amazing btw, and the help file he wrote to go with
      > them. One question I had is about using a downward hook on the back
      > of a letter. In one section of the help file, Dan mentions that the
      > down-curl indicates that an aspirant "h" is added to the sound.
      > Other information I've read says that the down curl is a
      > following "s" sound, and in reading things like the title page
      > inscriptions in the LotR, Unfinished Tales, and the Shaping of Middle
      > Earth books, this is what JRR and C Tolkien seem to use it for.

      The s-curls are always used for /s/. In the section "Tehtar Chart for
      Sindarin Tengwar/Tehtar Mode vowels" in his help file, Daniel writes:
      "mh - indicates that 'm' is a spirant rather than a stop". The sign
      referred to is a curious character used in the so-called _King's Letter_
      (DTS 45, 48, 49) for indicating a labialized /m/ which had become /v/ in
      Third Age Sindarin (Daniel's description contains a small error that I
      hadn't noticed before, BTW: /m/ is a nasal, not a stop).

      Some have assumed that the character consists of the tengwa <malta> + an
      s-curl, but since no other s-curl is attested for any sound other than
      /s/, and since the curl is so closely "integrated" into the /m/, I think
      rather that this is a single, specialized tengwa.

      > Also, there are two different kinds of down hooks included in the
      > font. One type extends horizontally from the tengwa and curls either
      > up or down. The other type projects down and left from the
      > character, and has a little right or left hook on it. Is there a
      > difference between these two types of curls?

      When an s-curl is attached to a tengwa with bows to the left, the s-curl
      extends leftwards and downwards from the joint between the stem and the
      bow. I believe the characters | and } in Daniel Smith's fonts are
      intended for this.

      On the other hand, some Tengwar modes (specifically the Old English
      mode) often place vowel tehtar *beneath* the tengwar. They are then
      turned 180 degrees, and thus the /u/ and /o/ tehtar may resemble s-curls
      (but they are never "connected" to the tengwar, as the s-curls are,
      though they may intersect with them). See the Old English section in
      Dan's help file.

      Hope that helped.


      Måns Björkman "Mun þu mik!
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