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755Re: [elfscript] Re: bpd@borderline-babe.co.uk

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  • angelbaby
    Apr 1, 2002
      Gildor Inglorion wrote:
      > teithant angelbaby
      > Gildor Inglorion wrote:
      > > * `VjnR2R aJj"HeG2T`Vj
      > >
      > thankyou,
      > do you mean i need to type this in something to get the words in
      > tengwar for my tattoo? what do i need to use?
      > * yes, type it in Word or Wordpad and type it with the tengwar cursive
      > font

      okay, i did it but it doesn't look quite right - the font i used is
      called 'tnegwar cursive' (western) - it doesn't flow the way i imagine
      the cursive to do - like on the rings. also, it does say 'elwende
      cullofiniel', doesn't it?

      also, how would i write 'lachfinniel' (for 'flame-tressed'), as may
      prefer to use it rather than cullofiniel if it looks better; and would
      the first word (elf-maiden) still be 'elwende' in sindarin?


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