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  • Stephen Ross
    Oct 20, 2000
      I just recently started writing in tengwar, and I'm totally
      fascinated by it. But I haven't been able to find a whole lot of
      information on some of its finer points. I downloaded Dan Smith's
      fonts, which are amazing btw, and the help file he wrote to go with
      them. One question I had is about using a downward hook on the back
      of a letter. In one section of the help file, Dan mentions that the
      down-curl indicates that an aspirant "h" is added to the sound.
      Other information I've read says that the down curl is a
      following "s" sound, and in reading things like the title page
      inscriptions in the LotR, Unfinished Tales, and the Shaping of Middle
      Earth books, this is what JRR and C Tolkien seem to use it for.

      Also, there are two different kinds of down hooks included in the
      font. One type extends horizontally from the tengwa and curls either
      up or down. The other type projects down and left from the
      character, and has a little right or left hook on it. Is there a
      difference between these two types of curls? The tengwar font help
      file is a bit ambiguous; in one place the horizontal curls are said
      to indicate a following aspirant, but then the extended character map
      calls them "s-curls."

      Can anyone help clear up the confusion? Thanks so much!

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