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733Re: [elfscript] Re: Sindarin Collective Number

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  • Danny Andriës
    Mar 26, 2002
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      Teithant CF Hostetter:
      >"Danny Andri�s" wrote
      > > Teithant bassman0614:
      > >> In the collective "number" of
      > >> Sindarin nouns, is the corresponding verb singular or plural?
      > >
      > > the jury is still out
      > > concerning this one!
      >Only if (like David Salo) you throw out Tolkien's own statement on the

      Any comparison of me to Mr. Salo is unfair; I am not the scholar and
      linguist that he is. And I would never dream to throw out Tolkien's
      statements concerning his own creations.

      >Hence nouns in _-ath_ are at least sometimes still singular, as originally,
      >but in many cases, in particular in names of peoples, they are plural.

      "Yes and no" ... how very Elvish of you! Sure, we know that collectives
      referring to peoples take a plural verb, but what about 'i elenath', 'i
      'aladhath', etc.? How do we know which are regarded as singular and which as
      plural? Bassman asked for a'definitive' answer. I don't view 'sometimes' as
      being definitive, and my reply to him reflected this belief. Who knows which
      collective nouns are still counted as singular?

      Cuio mae, Danny.

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