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  • Sébastien Bertho
    Mar 26, 2002
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      Hi Tolkiendili !

      I'm a french tolkiendil of 29 years, and a student of Tolkien's tongues and
      writting systems for 10 years (but I'm seriously at it for only 3 years).
      This love for the invented languages of Tolkien brought me to translate
      Ardalambion in french (but the french version is far from complete) and to
      subscribe to several mailing lists (Elfling, Tolklang and Quenya).

      I'm very interested in tengwar and cirth and that's the reason of my
      subscription to this list. I hope I'll be able to learn from others and to
      help when I can.

      Lena wrote :

      > LOL, this is incredible...people speaking in elvish...and how does he
      > pronounce it, I wonder?

      Indeed, the elvish tongues can be spoken (at least the two best known :
      Quenya and Sindarin). The Appendices of the Lord of the Rings give many
      informations concerning the pronunciation of Quenya and Sindarin.

      > Btw, shouldn't elvish be written with a capital E?

      Yes, in English. But in some others languages (like french, my native
      tongue), the language names are not capitalized.

      Namárië !

      Sébastien Bertho, i estaina Lambendil Endóressë.
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