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7[elfscript] Norwegian mode

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  • estgaido@ba.net
    Mar 21, 2000
      Well, here I go again with another attempt at a norwegian mode, this
      time after talking with some native speakers (I love Norway!!).

      First, the vowels, as far as I know they're: æ, ø, a, e, i, y, u, å and
      o (this last one as in 'hvor', not as in 'for', which is the same as å).

      The tehtar would be:
      a (three dots)
      e (acute accent)
      i (one dot)
      å (curl open to the right)
      o (curl open to the left)
      y (two under dots)
      æ (two over dots)
      ø (the tehta that looks somewhat like a tilde ~ in Lowdham's report
      (there used for 'y', I think))
      u (two acute accents below the tengwa)

      I also thought of using one under dot for when the 'e' is final or
      sounds in that way, but maybe we have enough tehtar to remember with
      this! :)

      The consonants are: t, d, n, r, s, p, b, f, m, v, k, g, h, j, l, kj
      (also written tj), skj (also written sj and rs).

      And my proposal is:

      (normal tengwar)
      t p k kj
      d b g skj
      f h
      n m
      v j
      (extra tengwar)
      r rs l
      s s

      I'm not sure about the placing in general and of kj and skj in
      particular, but I think this should work.