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679could you help me please?

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  • guitar_goth_grrl
    Mar 5, 2002
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      if anyone has time (a.s.a.p?), i would like to see the words

      'elf-maiden' in quenya and the same in sindarin in tengwar cursive.
      i have genuinely tried to work them out myself and i've been
      searching, but i came up blank and i don't trust myself to get it
      right anyway, (its for a tattoo).
      i would have tried by looking in my books (but they're actually my
      dads as he's shared them with me since i was 8, so they're in his
      house a few hunderd miles away from where i live). i am a genuine fan
      of tolkien's writing since i was a child 9i haven't seen the film
      yet, i like the pictures in my head too much to mix them with it
      yet), i'm just not good at languages.
      sorry to be a pain,



      p.s. would it be possible to e-mail them to me as an attachment?