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674Re: [elfscript] Re: How to write these words in Tengwar cursive fonts?

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  • Tina Breidenbach
    Mar 3, 2002
      Ok, I've been doing research into writing, a very
      involved process. I have one question about the three
      words wolfiina's been working on.

      Most sites that I have found have the vowels as
      symbols above or below the tengwar. Wolkiina is using
      a different symbol for "e" than I found. Is there two
      ways of thinking on this one?


      --- Harri Per�l� <harri.perala@...> wrote:
      > wolfiina wrote:
      > > Could check that gwend word again - is it correct
      > now or is it even
      > > more wrong way writen?
      > > http://www.kolumbus.fi/susasebu/words2.gif
      > Almost there. The tilde-like symbol and the straight
      > horizontal bar you
      > have used are both forms of the preceding nasal
      > sign. You get the
      > "mirrored tilde" or "over-twist" with alt+0232.
      > Quite confusingly, Appendix E says that the sign for
      > following w was in
      > the mode of Beleriand either the u-tehta or "a
      > modification of it ~",
      > that is, a normal tilde. Apparently the "mirrored
      > tilde" is what is
      > actually meant (I haven't seen the relevant
      > inscriptions, but I have
      > read
      > Should we blame the editors or printers for
      > replacing Tolkien's
      > handwritten character with the nearest equivalent?
      > --
      > Harri Per�l� perala@...
      > http://www.sci.fi/%7ealboin/

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