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  • blacksidh
    Feb 4, 2002
      It's not sad, it's kind of cool. You can communicate on the web in
      tengwar if you choose; not by scanning in drawings, but typing &
      encoding the font in your HTML.

      We're playing with that kind of thing on LJ, which is a message board
      system unlike Yahoo!Groups in that it allows HTML code in messages.
      So not only e-mail, but bulletin-boards and web-pages can be writ in
      tengwar. On this Yahoo!Group you can only exchange tengwar samples
      via image enclosures, imagine being able to type and chat real-time in

      The purity or quality of learning isn't the issue here, the fact that
      you will have other places to read elfscript and other writers to
      communicate with should get your attention.


      This thing about "it's the best way" "it's the only way to truly
      understand" is hogwash, and a weird kind of superiority trip that
      shouldn't be played on people TRYING TO LEARN in a mode they enjoy.

      You should be happy, i repeat, that you will have more people with
      whom you may share your writing, poetry, calligraphy, etc.: and that
      there will be more contributing writers for you to read and places for
      you to find the tengwar in use.



      --- In elfscript@y..., "Henry Quinn" <henry@m...> wrote:
      > Aye 'tis sad but true.
      > Henry
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      > Sent: Friday, February 01, 2002 10:33 AM
      > Subject: Re: [elfscript] Teng Scribe
      > teithant Henry Quinn
      > > Writing tengwar by hand is the best way, that is the only way to
      > it
      > fully, to recognise the symbols and write them without a
      reference. Even
      > though
      > my hand writing sucks, I enjoy writing tengwar. My friend and I
      even sat
      > translating a coke can's text to tengwar for the fun.
      > * well yes, i learnt writing tengwar when no tengwar program yet
      existed :) i have bought a calligraphic pen just to write them (well
      id ont use it very frequently) because my real handwriting reminds me
      of linearA!
      > but hey, we communicate through emails, and we probably will never
      meet each other in person (or even in "handwriting" range) so that's
      why the fonts are useful :)
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