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6[elfscript] Re: Ruumil's Tengwar

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  • Ales Bican
    Jan 29, 2000
      estgaido@... wrote:

      > > Feanor's tengwar are said to be influenced by Ruumil's ones.
      > > Is known how they looked like?
      > In http://user.tninet.se/~xof995c/sarati.htm there is a description of
      > them, I don't know in which Tolkien books the examples are, though.

      **They look interesting, show some rules, but unfortunately we don't
      know how to write with them in Quenya : (
      In Silm ch. 6 it's said that: "[Ruumil first achieved the signs] some for
      graving upon metal or in stone, others for drawing with brush or
      with pen."
      Does it mean that Ruumil devised his runes?

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