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595Re: [elfscript] Teng Scribe

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  • Henry Quinn
    Jan 31, 2002
      Hate mail?

      I totally agree, I started learning tengwar when my best friend showed me
      how it works, for some reason I caught on very quickly. And ever since
      have been studying it I only got the font so I could make some tengwar
      without having to scan or recreate it in a graphics prog.

      Writing tengwar by hand is the best way, that is the only way to understand
      fully, to recognise the symbols and write them without a reference. Even
      my hand writing sucks, I enjoy writing tengwar. My friend and I even sat
      translating a coke can's text to tengwar for the fun.

      So all you new to tengwar. Get the symbols and start writing.

      (Henry ducks behind a desk awaiting incoming hate mail)

      I humbly take my leave.


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      > Hi,
      > I normally remain a lurker, however I find it so odd that everyone
      > (almost) are looking for 'fonts', what has happened to handwriting?
      > Surely calligraphic tengwar is the best option. Besides there is not one
      > good Tengwar font out there, all of them are poor designs, in my opinion
      > only (now I will wait for the hate mail :) ).
      > Cheers,
      > Graham
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