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59Re: [elfscript] Return of the ElfScribes

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  • Lisa Star
    Sep 18, 2000
      >Mans Bjorkman <mansb@...> wrote:

      >Lisa Star has pointed out that she uses the runes in TI for the
      >languages in Tolkien's creation that are contemporary with them. That is
      >fine, of course,

      **You sound as if you are giving me permission. That's a little
      presumptious of you!

      >and illustrates that one can perceive the subcreation
      >in two different ways: either as multiple layers of writings from
      >different periods of Tolkien's life, where each layer is worth studying
      >in its own right; or as a single, unified body of divergent texts --
      >where newer texts contradict with older ones, they are usually closer to
      >the "truth". Both views must be held equally valid, though I confess
      >myself to the latter.

      **But neither view is the one that I hold, or am working from. There are
      more views than you know of, obviously.

      **The scheme that I use is that Tolkien studied during his lifetime many
      texts from many different eras of Middle-earth. The material in Etymologies
      and most of the cirth charts in TI are from the First Age, and so they
      accurately reflect the languages and alphabets in use in the First Age. Of
      course they will show differences from the languages and alphabets used in
      the much later Third Age. In addition, Tolkien's understanding of the
      material grew the longer he studied it, so later translations and language
      studies are more accurate than earlier ones. That doesn't mean that the
      earlier ones need to be discarded--they are the best source we have on
      earlier periods in Middle-earth.

      **There is the additional problem that even some of the later material is
      contradictory or can't be made to fit, so one has to deal with it somehow.
      That's part of the fun for me, but I don't think there will ever be--or that
      there ever was--one perfect conception of Middle-earth, or specifically its
      languages and alphabets, so I don't think it makes sense to argue that there
      is one perfect interpretation.

      **Of course, I give you permission to do whatever you like, too :-)

      ** Lisa Star
      ** LisaStar@...
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