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  • christiantreure
    Feb 13, 2009
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, Benct Philip Jonsson <melroch@...>

      > Those words are not qute right. _mel_ is just a word stem.
      > The word for 'love' is _melme_.
      > 'Luck' was _valto_ only in the earliest version of Qenya from 1910s.
      > Later Tolkien decided that the word _Valar_ meant 'the powerful
      > rather than 'the happy ones', so the root _val_ changed meaning
      to 'power'.
      > The later word for 'happines, good fortune' is _almie_ or _almáre_,
      > so our best bet for 'love and luck' is
      > _melme ar almie_,
      > which also has a nice sound to it!

      Thanks alot for your help!
      Now, i've followed your advice and downloaded the TengScribe..
      Here comes another problem..
      I've paste the words in the program, but i don't get to see any
      Tengwar script at all..
      Just some form of code or something.. Could you tell me what to do
      with this code? Or am I doing it wrong again? ;)
      I've red all the texts in the help option, but i didn't get any
      further (my english is not that good..)

      Here's a link to the printscreen i've made:


      Thanks again!

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