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5844Tengwar tattoo

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  • christiantreure
    Feb 10, 2009
      Hi, i'm new here and i would like to have a tattoo of the words: 'love'
      and 'luck' in the script Tengwar.
      My own researches has brought me this far: ( Please correct me if i'm
      wrong )

      English: Quenya:

      Love mel

      Luck valto

      Now i've tried to know how these words are written in the script
      I've found an alphabet in this script and have copied and paste it
      letter by letter.

      I really hope that one of you ( who probbably knows alot more than me of
      this subject ) could tell me if i'm right or wrong.
      The script will be for life on my body, so it would be a shame when it's
      spelled wrong or something.
      Here's a link of the picture i've made :

      t;jsessionid=2B00672263ADCD8A1E9F95854E722817> .

      Thanks a lot for your help! I hope I will have a lot of reactions and

      (Btw: sorry if my English is not so good, i'm from holland! :) )

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