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5746Re: [elfscript] Consultation for my tengwar translation

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  • Gil
    Apr 1, 2008
      The tengwar spelling depends on the language it represents.

      Since the phrase you want to transcribe an English text, you must inform
      the program by choosing the right option

      The transcription the program did for you was set on the default option
      which was 'Quenya' and the result almost didn't make sense. You must
      find the option (must be in the toolbar) and select 'English'

      Also, since your name is not English, perhaps you should spell it
      accordingly to facilitate the program. If your name 'Andreau' is
      pronounced 'Andro' or 'Andru' you should type it that way

      You can also use online application found in

      You can select 'PNG' as an export option, which is a generated Image
      file, and send us the direct link. It will be easier for you
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