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5745Consultation for my tengwar translation

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  • uy o pisong naka tiklop!
    Mar 29, 2008
      I downloaded a software online named "TengScribe" (i'm pretty sure most
      of you know the software) and did some inputs of the words that i wanted
      to translate, to be made into a tattoo that I will be having. Click on
      this link
      t=1206844187> to view the picture of the words being translated and
      this other link
      jpg?t=1206844253> for the picture that the TengScribe translated for me
      (sorry, i don't know how to put pictures along with this msg so bear
      with me as you press "back" on your browser, and/ or saving the pictures
      on your pc.)

      I just want to make sure that it is giving me the right results. I know
      that the software will not give the translation a 100% accuracy,
      specially with the proper grammar and words/sentences, or even structure
      of the text that i had.

      I am adding the text to my future tattoo along with this design
      44587> that my friend made for me (if you're curious to look at it of

      My future thanks to the person who can help me confirm the accuracy of
      the TengScribe translation!

      -- Andreau


      Do understand that understanding this language is very hard for me,
      that's why i looked for the easy way out (yep, the TengScribe

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