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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    Oct 1 4:17 AM
      > We decided that we want to get the elvish word for 'sister,''Desh'iriai,'

      Well, for one thing, this word does NOT come from any form of Tolkienian Elvish. You can still use it, if you like it, but Tolkien's Elves never used this word for "sister". Indeed it doesn't even fit the phonology of any of the major Elven-tongues he sketched.

      One late source gives the High-elven word for "sister" as _nésa_ (archaic _nétha_) and the Grey-elven word as _neth_ or _nîth_. In Tolkien's earlier material, the High-elven word was _seler_ (the archaic form would be_theler_) and the "Noldorin" word was _gwathel_. We know how to write these words in "Elvish" Tengwar letters, but it is not quite as obvious how we should write the de facto foreign word "desh'iriai".

      . HKF

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