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5672Re: origin of tehtar-Sindarin mode

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  • Måns Björkman
    Aug 30 11:51 PM
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      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, Lakis Lalakis <avalon@...> wrote:
      > Måns Björkman wrote:
      > > One point at which Torsten clearly is correct, however, is the
      > > revision of just how old "full writing" was. The description in
      > > Appendix E, where the writing is said to have reached the stage of
      > > "full alphabetic development", is hard to reconcile with that in
      > > _Quendi and Eldar_, where Feanor himself constructed a mode of "full
      > > writing".
      > >
      > But 'the phrase' doesn't exclude the existence of ancient alphabetic
      > systems either. We have the Mode of Beleriand, implying First Age, in
      > LOTR. The evolution to alphabetic systems could have happened any time
      > earlier and we can see that, 'now' in the Third Age (where indeed more
      > newer alphabetic modes have also been invented)

      Yes, but the wording "reached the stage of full alphabetic
      development" seems to me to exclude the possibility that "full
      writing" was part of Feanor's original design -- as _Quendi and Eldar_

      > > As for Frodo not being able to read the inscription on the doors of
      > > Moria, it seems reasonable to assume that the modes Frodo would be
      > > familiar with were those used in the King's Letter: the Sindarin
      > > tehta-mode -- AKA the "general use" -- and the "Later or Westron
      > > Convention" (as it is called in _Pictures_). With those two modes in
      > > mind, it is not surprising that the mode of Beleriand would be hard to
      > > read.
      > >
      > There was a tengwar webpage years ago, about 1998 or something. It
      > belonged to someone 'Masi'. It explored the possibilities of how Frodo
      > could have read the Gate. Anyone remembers it?

      Yes, I remember that; it was quite funny, actually. The letters were
      transcribed with the sound values of the "Westron convention". Of
      course, the result was unintelligible.

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