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  • eddiedna
    Aug 16 4:59 AM
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      Hello! It's so sad how all yahoo groups are infested by spam...
      Anyway, I've been working on the translations of some names to quenya
      and to sindarin and I'd like some help to check the final names.
      The first is Edward, Eduardo = ARANVARNO (Q) or GALUVERIOR (S)
      Then, we have:
      John = AISTANO (Q) or AERON (S)
      Claire, Clara = CALIMË (Q) or GLANIEL (S)

      I've also tried to find Vanessa, but there's no correspondance, except
      for the name os a butterfly, so it could be WILWARIN (Q) or GWILWELETH
      (S)... I'm not sure about adding any endings (-en, -wen, -riel etc) to
      these names because they're already too long.
      What do you think?