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5615Re: [elfscript] Re: I would like to get an Elvish Tattoo, but need help translating

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  • Helge K. Fauskanger
    May 14, 2007
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      > But the phrase is, "There is only one lord of the ring, only one who
      can bend it to his will and he does not share power."

      Somewhat difficult, I'm afraid. We shall have to make some assumptions that cannot really be substantiated from available material. I think I would suggest that you just write the English words in Tengwar. Otherwise, according to certain Neo-Quenya conventions, we might arrive at something like:

      _Ea er erya heru i Cormo_ ([there] is only a single lord of the Ring)
      _erya quén ye pole cúnatas nirmeryanna_ (a single person who can bend it to his will)
      _ar umis anta exin ranta túreo_ (and he does not give others a part [a share] of [his] power)

      As I said, this relies on certain assumptions that cannot be treated as hard "Tolkien fact". For instance, I here assume that the verb _cúna-_ "bend" can be transitive as well as intransitive (it is used intransitively in the source).

      - HKF

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