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  • sherry-heath682@boxesboxes.info
    Apr 8, 2007
      All the girls out there are totally lying when they tell you that size does not matter. Want proof?
      I am telling you this because it is the honest truth, look I should know, they say that it is all in the way you use it, not how big it is, well I got news for you all, that is pure lies.
      I know from personal experience, I will tell you about a secret that Joey has made me promise to never ever tell anyone, but since he has not called me in three weeks after standing me up, I am going to break the promise and tell you how he went from having a tiny wang and in 4 months he is now about nine in and get this, it is still getting bigger. He has been secretly taking grow stuff from this site http://www.auleg.net/xeiu
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