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  • calwen76
    Sep 19, 2006
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "Laerwen Celebrinel" <allixme@...>
      > If you are really interested in learning Sindarin I recomend
      > you 'Sindarin, the Noble Tongue', you can find it here
      > http://www.uib.no/people/hnohf/sindarin.htm. There are many
      > Sindarin guides and references on the Internet, but I advise you to
      > start with this one, and of course whith Tolkien's work itself. ...

      Well, I would not recommend to start with this article though it
      seems to be very enthusiastic. I rather recommend to start with the
      Tolkien's work itself - the books. There are articles published in
      Tolkien-concerned journals (Vinyar Tengwar or Parma Eldalamberon, for
      example) too. I would recommend you study Tolkien, not a Tolkienian
      student or scholar. Find your own conclusions, do not "just absorb"
      conclusions of other students or scholars.

      An enormous list of primary sources for your purpose can be found

      Good luck!
      Lucy aka Calwen Lacharnen
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