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5374Two phrases- not sure if translated and transcribed correctly

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  • Allyson
    Jul 30, 2006
      I have read through a few years worth of posts trying to find the
      best translation into Quenya for this phrase and have found differing
      answers. The phrase in question is "All that is gold does not
      glitter, not all those who wander are lost." I know that there can be
      no literal translation into elvish, so I've just been looking for the
      closest thing. The one that seems to be the most complete is:

      Lá ilye i maltaiva nar mirilyar, lá ilye i ranyar vanwe nar

      However, I've also seen the second part translated as:

      lá ilyë yantë ranya nar vanwë


      La ilye i mistar ránie

      Since I'm going to be working it into a sketch, accuracy is important
      to me even if most people won't understand.

      I also downloaded the fonts to my computer and tried the online
      Tengwar transcriber and the code that I seem to be getting is:
      j~C `Bj́R `B t#j1lEyE 5#6 t%7Tj́E6= j~C `Bj́R `B 7E5Ì#6 yE5nR 5#6

      The 2nd phrase that I wanted to translate and then transcribe
      is "wherever the path may lead." I believe I may have it correct or
      close with "Aimenna tier tulya" but I'm not sure.

      Any corrections would be much appreciated.
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