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    Jul 27, 2006
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      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "calwen76" <calwen.rudh@...> wrote:
      > --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, "Eclipse" <a_broken_life@> wrote:
      > > Ok, Ive read the keyboard mapping and the help files with the
      > fonts,
      > > but I'm more confused than ever. That others names I wanted in
      > > the "Ring" style is Kelly and Jarrod. I've never been good at
      > > languages so any help would be appreciated.
      > :-) It's okay... I've uploaded a file with the names to the Files
      > this group:
      > ../calwen76/jarrod_kelly_lucia.bmp
      > Check it out there.
      > If you have uploaded the font, you can just cut and paste
      > these "codes" to your Word editor and then change the font to
      > Annatar:
      > zj$°`Û
      > s7D2^
      > jUiGhÍD
      > Whatever is easier for you.
      > Well, however, I just want to note that I transcripted Jarrod
      > as "Jarod" since according to Professor's own scripts he used a
      > tilde (KL I, "Merry") or a double letter (KL I, "Stirring": by
      > probably) - or didn't transcript it as double but as single
      > Inscription). Unfortunately, all these samples are written in a
      > of Beleriand. We have no evidence of a tehta mode with a word
      > including a double R, so I followed my instincts (that may be
      > of course) - I simply didn't like the under tilde there. So, as
      > with such transcriptions, nothing is certain with the picture.
      > Comments welcome!
      > Lucy

      Thanks for the help once again. I'm still reading and rereading
      everything I find so hopefully I'll be able to figure all of this
      out on my own. But thanks again to all who responded.

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