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5347Re: Help with translation

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  • calwen76
    Jul 19, 2006
      > > it should look like this
      > >
      > > http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a58/ash_nazg4321/lucia.jpg
      > >
      > > the keys for a tengwar font are " jUiT`C "

      I am not quite sure if this is the write transcription according
      to "Quenya rules" ... I'd transcript: jUiGhÍC (lambe+U-tehta / silme
      nuquerna+I tehta / yanta+A-tehta+under double dot)

      > Thanks. How did you come up with the keys for the tengwar font?
      > There are a couple of other names I would like to do, and now that
      > I've seen that it works in wordpad, I need help finding out how to
      > convert the name.

      Just upload the font here:

      install it and then you can write your own stuff. But beware: what
      you need to write it correctly is a "basic" knowledge of how the
      transcription works - the letters on the keyboard are not equal to
      those in Tengwar (the letter T in Tengwar is written with the key 1
      on the keyboard etc.). Anyway, if you need help, here we're ready to
      answer your questions.
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