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5333plese help

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  • Palatinus
    Jul 13 1:56 AM
      --- colin dyck <colinbdyck@...> έγραψε:

      > but here is what i have for for Sarah, my wives name
      > and in quenya it is Aranel i am trying to type it
      > with a quenya font using tengscrib, i get this
      > `C7E5$j
      > witich i just figoured out is `C7E5$j on the
      > keyboard but when i try to type it out in word or
      > photoshop using a quenya font i don;t get anything
      > like that...any more help would be greatly
      > appreachited lots!

      I don't know what Tengscribe show syou but `C7E5$j is
      pretty much 'Aranel' with Tengwar fonts. And why did
      you try Photoshop and not Wordpad?

      > just one other question from my wife....she does not
      > what to get my full name tattooed in quenya becasue
      > its quite big, but she wants to just get my
      > innitials, witch are C.D......just wondering if it
      > is posable to just translate those to letters into
      > quenya
      > thankyou very much

      Not easy, bucasue Quenya has no 'D'

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