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5331plese help

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  • colin dyck
    Jul 12, 2006
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      Hi, thanks so much for the responce, i think it help, except i can't get dragon flame to give mt out the keys anymore
      but here is what i have for for Sarah, my wives name and in quenya it is Aranel i am trying to type it with a quenya font using tengscrib, i get this `C7E5$j
      witich i just figoured out is `C7E5$j on the keyboard but when i try to type it out in word or photoshop using a quenya font i don;t get anything like that...any more help would be greatly appreachited lots!
      just one other question from my wife....she does not what to get my full name tattooed in quenya becasue its quite big, but she wants to just get my innitials, witch are C.D......just wondering if it is posable to just translate those to letters into quenya
      thankyou very much

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