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5320Attempted tranlation of Kingswood

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  • Palatinus
    Jul 6, 2006
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      Which file? There are many there and none was uploaded

      check this out when in doubt

      > Hi, I'm new here, I'm an avid Tolkien enthusiast
      > but unfortunately
      > only a novice linguist. I have been trying to
      > tranlate a tattoo for
      > some time and i have been recommended to speak to
      > elfscript as you are
      > experts in the field of Tolkiens languages, i can
      > see from some of the
      > topics up for discussion that this is no lie. I no
      > that you may be
      > swamped with requests for advice but i would realy
      > appreciate the help!
      > You might have seen the new file I've added and
      > this is the idea i
      > have for my tattoo. The word i am trying to
      > translate is 'Kingswood'.
      > I translated it into Quenya as 'arantauri' (aran -
      > king, tauri -
      > greatwood / forest) as the translation of
      > 'kingsland' is 'arandor'.
      > And then tranlated the quenya into tengwar.
      > The two small characters before are (hopefully)
      > 'V' and 'E' for Veon
      > and Eruwen.
      > If anyone can ytake the time to have a quick look
      > and let me know if
      > I'm going along the right lines it would be much
      > appreciated!
      > Thanx, arantauri

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