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5319Attempted tranlation of Kingswood

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  • arantauri
    Jul 6, 2006
      Hi, I'm new here, I'm an avid Tolkien enthusiast but unfortunately
      only a novice linguist. I have been trying to tranlate a tattoo for
      some time and i have been recommended to speak to elfscript as you are
      experts in the field of Tolkiens languages, i can see from some of the
      topics up for discussion that this is no lie. I no that you may be
      swamped with requests for advice but i would realy appreciate the help!

      You might have seen the new file I've added and this is the idea i
      have for my tattoo. The word i am trying to translate is 'Kingswood'.
      I translated it into Quenya as 'arantauri' (aran - king, tauri -
      greatwood / forest) as the translation of 'kingsland' is 'arandor'.
      And then tranlated the quenya into tengwar.

      The two small characters before are (hopefully) 'V' and 'E' for Veon
      and Eruwen.

      If anyone can ytake the time to have a quick look and let me know if
      I'm going along the right lines it would be much appreciated!
      Thanx, arantauri
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