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5246Re: Help with wedding band inscriptions

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  • limeepeng
    Mar 31, 2006
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      Thanks for verifying my transcription.
      I found the apostrophe a little strange cos I haven't seen quenya
      with an apostrophe before. I supposed the author of the webpage i
      visited found it impossible to display the accent so he resorted to
      using the apostrophe.
      One big challenge to mastering elvish is that there are so many
      different ways to translate a single word. More over, there is no
      right or wrong way.
      Is there a good quenya pronuciation site that you can recommend?
      I'm glad you replied. Thanks a lot for your help.I'm going to do the
      engraving today. I will upload the pic of the ring onto the photos
      section when it's done.

      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, Palatinus <elfiness@...> wrote:
      > > of 'i love you' = Tye-mela'ne while 'the love of my
      > > life' = melde
      > > cuilenyo. this information was taken from a previous
      > > post in this
      > > board although I'm not sure whether it is in quenya
      > > or sindarin.
      > Mela'ne has not an apostrophe, it's an accent above a
      > (too bad I can't type it)
      > It's Quenya but it's not that simple; it's an early
      > form of Quenya that Tolkien made before writing LOTR.
      > We all know that fans like to write in neo-Quenya
      > based on LOTR and try to reconstruct (hence the prefix
      > "neo-") words. How I love you in LOTR style Quenya
      > could be, is not fully understood. Some would propose
      > you melinyel, tye-melin and/or other combinations.
      > Please join Elfling, a language mailing list for a
      > discussion on it
      > > It's harder to translate the names but
      > > www.elvish.org/elm/names was
      > > a great help. I found that Jeffrey = Manesero and
      > > Alice =
      > > Arnostale.
      > That's a site that many like and refer to it when they
      > feel the urge to translate names. The translations of
      > course belong to the site owner, not Tolkien, but
      > that's not an issue for those who want to use
      > neo-Quenya
      > > I've also used the online tengwar transcriber
      > > software from
      > > www.tengwar.art.pl/tengwar/ott/start.php to
      > > transcribe it. The
      > A transcriber that is mostly correct. It has some
      > difficulty with special spelling rules of some words,
      > but your phrase doesn't contain one
      > > file 'limeepenghelp' is found in the file section.
      > > Could somebody
      > > help to see if the transcription is correct?
      > > Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
      > Your mistake was that you wrote Mela'ne as an
      > apostophe, while you should have typed the button with
      > accented a. Also, your original had a full stop before
      > Alice, while here you put a comma
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