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5244Help with wedding band inscriptions

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  • limeepeng
    Mar 29, 2006
      I'm new here. Thank god I found this group! I have been trying to
      translate a sentence into Quenya and then transcribed into Tengwar.
      I hope to engrave it onto my husband's wedding band.
      In English, it reads:
      Jeffrey, the love of my life.
      I love you. Alice.
      With the help of online dictionaries, I found Quenya translations
      of 'i love you' = Tye-mela'ne while 'the love of my life' = melde
      cuilenyo. this information was taken from a previous post in this
      board although I'm not sure whether it is in quenya or sindarin.
      It's harder to translate the names but www.elvish.org/elm/names was
      a great help. I found that Jeffrey = Manesero and Alice =
      Arnostale.When put together in Quenya, it reads:
      Manesero, melde cuilenyo.Tye-mela'ne, Arnostale.
      Is that right?
      I've also used the online tengwar transcriber software from
      www.tengwar.art.pl/tengwar/ott/start.php to transcribe it. The
      file 'limeepenghelp' is found in the file section. Could somebody
      help to see if the transcription is correct?
      Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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