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52Re: [elfscript] Return of the ElfScribes

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  • Lisa Star
    Sep 14 7:41 AM
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      >From: Mans Bjorkman <mansb@...>

      > > The Treason of Isengard, [snip]

      >The only tables with Cirth -- as Tolkien finally conceived them -- are
      >in The Return of the King, appendix E. The tables in _TI_ shows some
      >earlier sketches on the same system, but they are very dissimilar from
      >the final result.

      The cirth in the TI are closely connected to the languages given in the
      Etymologies, among them, the Ilkorin dialects. Since I especially like
      those languages, I prefer to use the alphabets that Tolkien had in mind for
      them. In any case, I like different modes and variations, as I do for the
      European language alphabets which I have also studied. It's much more fun
      to produce the calligraphy when there are lots of choices--and Tolkien
      provides lots of alphabets! I think that no two descriptions or
      inscriptions are ever the same which makes it a lot of fun.

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