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5185Re: "iu" and "ui" alternative spellings [was: Chin. Mode: No "-io", but "-io-"]

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  • hisilome
    Feb 25, 2006
      --- In elfscript@yahoogroups.com, Melroch 'Aestan <melroch@...> wrote:
      > IIRC Pinyin _-iu_ and _-ui_ are "shorthand spellings"
      > for _-iou_ and _-uei_. Surely this should be reflected
      > in Tengwar spelling.

      Although, as I also wrote in an earlier reply, the spellings of _-iu_
      and _-ui_ as "I-tehta on uure" and "U-tehta on yanta" are perfectly
      fine (and should probably be considered "standard") in our proposed
      orthographic mode for Mandarin, I think (also in light of my
      suggested alternative representations of _yi, yin, ying_ [message
      5167]) that as an alternative to the above spellings, a more phonetic
      approach (reflecting their triphthongal nature) should also be
      allowed for _-iu_ and _-ui_.

      Thus (applying the same rules as for _-iao_ and _-uai_), for example:

      diu (diou) = Ando with two under-dots + O-tehta on top of uure

      dui (duei) = Ando with modified left-curl on top + E-tehta on top of

      Thanks to Melroch for his reminder!

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